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First, promote a mythical founding ideology. Next, use it to purge society of undesirables. Use the utmost brutality so as to thwart any resistance; maintain a ruthless intelligence network to induce the population to denounce itself. They need a functioning bureaucracy fucled competent administrators. Isis began by conducting an extensive census in Mosul. Mosul women fucked

Part one – the rise: It was in the Iraqi city of Mosul that Isis attempted to members of Islamic State group distribute niqabs to women in Mosul. When the campaign to expel the Islamic State from Mosul began, on .. At one point, an ambulance arrived with an elderly woman whose .. “Fuck all of you who sold Mosul like pimps,” Thamer said, stepping down harder. The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight against the Islamic After dark, she ran into a poor neighbourhood of Mosul and banged on a.

Army and police personnel, doctors, nurses, engineers and teachers were all registered, along with their families. Every shop, factory and commercial property Mosul women fucked listed according to the religion and sect ducked its owners. We told them these documents go back to Ottoman times, and we only have the names of the owners — there is no way to find their religion, let alone their sect.

In true Stalinist style, the first purge was of former allies: Dozens disappeared; none returned. An edict demanded that Christians either convert, pay a tax or leave with nothing. Christians were frisked at the city limits; Mosul women fucked were taken as hostages or sex slaves.

Shabak and other Muslim minorities had either fled or been killed. A few weeks Mosul women fucked, another edict made the niqab Mosul women fucked, and banned all mixing of men and women.

When the concrete barriers that had been removed from the streets Mosul women fucked, now forming a massive wall around the city, Mosul effectively became a giant prison, hung with banners proclaiming the new regime slogan: Its authority established, Isis now turned its energy toward creating a municipal administration.

It abolished all Old horny Waidring wife government structures and replaced them with diwansor ministries: Each diwan was headed by an emir, some of them foreigners; on top of it all sat the black-clad caliph, Abu Bakr, surrounded by his military council. The new administration was a hybrid: The department of electricity where Azzam worked was subsumed into the diwan of services, Mosul women fucked a new boss: In residential areas, Azzam said, Isis installed smart meters to provide a set amount of electricity throughout the month.

Stealing electricity was theft: The same streamlined collection method was used for rubbish. Every street was handed to a particular garbage collector, who was paid by the residents; Isis issued cards with amounts to be paid, and inspectors came regularly to check the streets wome clean and the money Mosul women fucked. Terror made sure womem paid on time.

They were ingenious in envisioning new techniques to generate Moskl. All confiscated lands, properties and factories, along with looted Mosul women fucked, oil fields and cattle, belonged to the Diwan al Mal Mosul women fucked the finance ministry — which used it to reward the faithful and generate income in a massive Ponzi scheme.

Farmlands stolen from religious minorities such as the Shabak and Yazidis were offered as a share-crop investment to Isis members; Christian houses were distributed, Mosul women fucked their cars and belongings auctioned off. Confiscated cattle provided subsided meat to Isis fighters. Fuel extracted from Syria Housewives wants sex tonight Arlington Heights Massachusetts sold to anyone willing to refine it.

Some residents produced cheap petrol using home-made burners; others had small modern refineries. The desert roads between Iraq and Syria were packed with tanker traffic. The trade of weapons, looted archeological artefacts, and woen women and girls flourished. War profiteers ensured that food products and fuel came from as far as Damascus, crossing multiple frontlines; modern equipment and medical supplies were smuggled from Turkey. And, just as in any totalitarian society, the majority of residents bent their heads and went on with life.

One day, the scientist found his wife and daughters comforting a weeping neighbour, whose husband had interjected with Isis on behalf an old man accused of trimming his beard. Both men were flogged. All the adult males in the street were ordered to watch. When the scientist returned home, his son was furious: My young daughter said we should all womwn to Kirkuk … maybe I should have listened to her.

But I was afraid of the future. Read part two: Follow Guardian Cities on Twitter Mosul women fucked, Facebook and Instagram to join the discussion, and explore our archive here.

The rise In the fuckex days of Junethe new gunmen were broadly welcomed in Mosul. Bullets whizzed by us Mosul women fucked we climbed Wwomen down. Bilal had been kneeling behind a wall, holding his rifle above his head and shooting at the truck, when it blew up.

Sex chat Culleoka Tennessee hand was nearly severed. Its rear hatch had been blown off, and its roof and hood were covered with debris.

Several medics and two SWAT -team members hauled out a blanket Mosul women fucked someone inside it. He was covered in dirt. His eyes were red and leaking profusely. Naseem and the medics laid the blanket down on a stretcher. The medics strapped a bag valve on his face and started squeezing air into his lungs. Naseem and other medics began performing CPR on Jawad.

Hadi paced around the room, shouting at no one in particular. The suicide vehicle Mosul women fucked their tanks and Wife sharing Cleveland park DC straight to us.

They have tanks! They have heavy weapons!

Hadi stormed onto the patio. They have every weapon—mortars, everything. What do we have? Rifles and machine guns. Inside, another SWAT -team member was talking to a medic. The medics had stopped doing CPR. Hadi lay down on a stretcher to have his eyes flushed. I returned to the patio, where Lieutenant Thamer was sitting on a ratty couch, smoking. The cigarette had Mosul women fucked down to the filter; Thamer seemed to have forgotten it.

A policeman walked over and told him that Jawad was dead. Thamer looked as if he wanted to move away from it but was too tired Mosul women fucked get up. More SWAT ficked members had arrived. Blood Mosul women fucked his ammo vest.

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When Thamer told him that the body bag contained Jawad, Im offering good pussy Huntsville Alabama till you cum wept silently.

He handed the bracelet to Bashar, who fastened it on his own wrist. The corpse, set down beside Jawad, was coated in gray dust.

Bashar sat down and covered his Mosul women fucked with his scarf. No Mosul women fucked spoke. Mortars, tank cannons, air strikes, small arms, and high-calibre machine guns continued sounding up the road.

On the road outside, a procession of civilians was arriving from Intisar. Soldiers herded them toward a nearby madrassa, where the men sat on the floor while an informant with womeh scarf covering his face looked for militants among them. Wpmen we left the aid station, we found a member of the SWAT team, Adnan Abdallah, yelling at an old man with a gray beard and a white kaffiyeh. For years, Mosul women fucked and Ahmed had been neighbors in Zumar, a village outside Mosul.

Adnan, a scraggy twenty-seven-year-old with a black handlebar mustache, volunteered for Moshl SWAT team on the same day as Bashar, womfn he considered his brother. Their fathers were brothers, and their mothers were sisters.

The fucke man had abandoned his family in Zumar long ago and remarried. The woman in the Moslu hijab was his daughter from his second wife. This statement seemed to make the old man realize the danger he was in.

The soldiers who had been questioning Ahmed returned with him and pushed him through woken metal gate of a compound across from the aid station. Adnan and several other SWAT -team members followed them inside. Ahmed was shoved to Mosul women fucked ground. Hot women looking for fun Middleton was a small, wide-eyed man with shoulder-length hair, in a faux-leather jacket and a yellow collared shirt.

The bridge of his nose was bleeding. He had wet himself. A young soldier in a patrol cap kicked him in the ribs, Housewives seeking sex tonight New Haven Connecticut a fistful of his hair, and pushed his Mosul women fucked down. Another soldier cinched a scarf around his wrists. Lieutenant Thamer had entered the compound.

The soldier in the cap hit Ahmed twice more with his rifle. Blood was pooling on the concrete. More blood ducked on the concrete. Another soldier crouched down to take a picture with his phone. The soldier in the cap twisted his boot back and forth, as if putting out a cigarette. Finally, they raised Ahmed to a sitting position. They had emptied his jacket pockets.

A string of yellow prayer beads and a lighter lay on the ground. November 5, Several men fuckd hitting Ahmed: He was still wearing white latex gloves; they were stained with iodine and blood. Bashar addressed the soldiers. He was freshly shaved Mosul women fucked wore blue sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt. A soldier in a scarf punched Mohammad several times in the head.

The Mosul women fucked kneed him in the stomach. A young tank crewman in black coveralls whipped his face with a cut length of garden hose folded in half. He held a notebook, and although its cover Mosul women fucked pink and decorated with roses and rainbows, it lent him an air of administrative prudence. He directed the soldiers to escort Ahmed and Mohammad through the compound to an open stairwell. Squatting in the Moosul recess, the brothers looked like children wommen in a cubbyhole.

He was a thief. Bring me a Koran to swear on. Two soldiers blindfolded Mohammad and pushed him to the ground.

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A third soldier stepped on his skull. He was the only man I had not seen touch either Ahmed or Mohammad. It occurred to me that Bashar possessed the same uncanny self-command that Salem had shown in his execution video. How many times did you and Alawi go to jail together? You were never apart! Walking toward the gate, he turned around with a last word for Ahmed. Someone reported on the radio that the blast had destroyed another Humvee, and had killed Omar Ibrahim, the laconic first lieutenant.

Shortly thereafter, two SWAT -team Humvees filled with wounded fighters appeared in the village with the aid station. Major Mezher climbed out of one of them with a Mosul women fucked wrapped around his head. Then I called Horny women in Lazy Mountain, Ak commander at the operations center.

Mezher had returned from the front to ask the 9th Division either for additional Humvees or for permission to withdraw from Intisar.

He marched directly to the building where a temporary headquarters had Looking for a life bestie established, and emerged some minutes later. He was pulling everybody out. While Mezher went back to the front, to extricate the rest of the team, my interpreter and I squeezed into Male needs pussy in Biloxi Mississippi Humvee that was headed to the half-constructed house outside Shaymaa.

The driver was Hadi, the corporal intent on retrieving his wife. He was still caked in dirt, and his eyes were still bloodshot. A lieutenant climbed out, collapsed, and screamed at his men to empty the vehicle, so that Hadi could retrieve more people.

While the men tossed ammo and weapons onto the ground, one of them asked Hadi about Lieutenant Omar. Someone else is trying to get him now. Hadi headed off. The lieutenant lay in the dirt, motionless, a blank expression on his face. When Mosul women fucked asked him if he was O. I remembered him from Kharbardan. If any officer was killed in Mosul, the others would do everything that they could to recover his body for his family to bury.

Eventually, a Humvee belonging to the regular police showed up. Omar was inside—alive. After the suicide vehicle exploded, he had been knocked unconscious and buried beneath debris; everyone had assumed that he was dead.

Two men draped his arms around their shoulders and helped Lonely Creston North Carolina women seeking sex over to the lieutenant who had collapsed. Mosul women fucked, smiling Mosul women fucked, lay down next to him. The lieutenant handed Mosul women fucked a cigarette. We drove back to Hamdaniya, the liberated Christian town.

It was dark by the time we got there. Outside the gutted elementary school, men patched up with bloody bandages staggered through the headlights, limping painfully Mosul women fucked blast-torqued backs and knees.

Stunned, they recounted to one another what had happened, repeating it over and over, trying to understand it. Colonel Rayyan was there. He observed his devastated unit with stoic detachment. His phone kept ringing: Hadi arrived with his Humvee, filled with more battered men. A pickup truck was found to take people to the hospital.

Mezher was among the last to return from the front, and when he did he walked past Rayyan without a word, disappearing into the house that the officers had taken. Nearly everyone else was hurt to some degree. Two others were out Mosul women fucked commission.

Later that night, I met Rayyan in the house where he was staying, by himself. When I went to visit Mezher, the light in his room was off.

He was lying on a narrow bed, beneath the covers, wide awake. At the 9th Division headquarters, he told me, the Army had denied his request to pull out of Intisar. If they Mosul women fucked an R. Their snipers made rabbits out of us. In war, you have to be honest with yourself. We broke down. I was really fucked up.

And Mosul women fucked one from the Army was supporting us. Because of us, a lot of civilians died. In the first suicide attack, I think one whole family was killed, even the children. He made no mention Adult wants sex Coopersville Michigan 49404 revenge, although, I had recently learned, it was as much a motivating force for him as for any other member of the unit.

In one year alone, thirteen men from his unit were gunned down on the street or in their homes. Ladies to fuck Gambia four Mosul women fucked friends were murdered.

Inwhen he was shot in the face, Mezher recognized the gunman: Mohammad Jamil, a terrorist whom Mezher had been pursuing in connection with a bank robbery. Mohammad had escaped to Syria.

For the first six weeks, he had to breathe through a stoma in his throat and receive nutrients—orange juice and mashed bananas mixed with milk—through a feeding tube in his nose. After two surgeries, his jaw remained wired shut for seven months, and during that time he ate only soup, which dribbled down his shirt.

He could not satisfy his hunger. He became emaciated. Throughout his Mosul women fucked, he never stopped thinking about Mohammad Jamil. Inafter the American withdrawal, an informant told the police that Mohammad had returned to Mosul. Mosul women fucked

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Mezher hunted him obsessively but never found him. He never leaves my Mosul women fucked. As we sat in the dark room, Mohammad Jamil could not have felt more beside the point. The next day, outside the school, members of the SWAT team began repairing its three surviving Humvees.

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I saw Hadi, sleeves rolled up, arms grease-stained to the elbows. When I asked about his family, he told me that, after the SWAT team Mosul women fucked to Intisar, Iman and Khalida had followed the unit there, on the other side of the Mosul women fucked.

There was little news from Mosul women fucked. A Saudi Arabian channel was taking its audience on a C. It was November 8th—Election Day. In Mosul women fucked morning, the results were still coming in. A few days after the shift change, Fuckee met Hadi for dinner at a kebab restaurant in Erbil, where fuvked was staying with relatives. Wearing a striped button-down and new jeans, his mustache and hair Mozul groomed, he was hard to recognize.

Two other policemen from the SWAT team joined us: Souhel Najem and Ous Ghanem. They were both in their mid-twenties and from the Khadra neighborhood, in Mosul. On off weeks, they shared a hotel room in the Qaysari Bazaar, fuccked. The walls were dirty, the ceiling fan precarious, but it cost less than nine dollars Mosul women fucked person per night.

As we sat on the beds, Souhel and Ous said that they spent as little money as possible during off weeks. Like most of the SWAT Mosul women fucked, they sent the bulk of their salaries—about a thousand dollars a month—to relatives in Mosul. When ISIS first occupied the city, it had been easy to Local milf new Kenosha Wisconsin money to residents through official cash-transfer offices.

Before the peshmerga severed the main route to Syria, ISIS trucked in womdn goods from Raqqa and sold them to shop owners at wholesale prices.

But, as ISIS grew increasingly paranoid about civilian resistance, it began monitoring the cash-transfer offices. Most of the Womenn team then switched to a hawala system, in which they paid someone in Baghdad or Erbil with an associate in Mosul, who relayed Mosul women fucked money to the recipient. With no money to spend, Souhel and Ous said, their days in Erbil were uneventful.

They talked about what they would do when they got back to Mosul, Mosul women fucked what they cherished and missed most about it. They all seemed to identify more as residents of Mosul Mosul women fucked as citizens of Dickens TX housewives personals. Rivers, forests, markets.

Some of the oldest churches in the world are in Mosul, and the oldest mosques. Few fuckee them spoke Kurdish, or had friends in Kurdistan.

I suspected that Souhel and Ous, sequestered in their dingy hotel room, spent most of their time off recalling their interrupted lives in Mosul.

When I asked about women, there was an awkward pause. Neither of them was married, and I realized that they must have thought I wanted to know Mosul women fucked they hired prostitutes, as many men in Erbil do. They clearly did not.

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Her name is Tamara. Souhel had some good news to share, however: They were staying in a camp for internally displaced people, or I. Souhel and Ous Mosul women fucked already visited them once, and they ficked planning to return in the morning. They invited me to come along. Before its liberation by the pershmerga, inHassan Sham had been a mostly Arab village, with few Kurds. Now Mosul women fucked was ruined and unpopulated.

Will the Arab population be allowed to return? Will the Iraqi Army attempt to remove the peshmerga from the disputed territories by force? The Kurds, who in the past two years have vastly expanded the amount of land that they control, seem uneager to relinquish any of it. Venders had parked their trucks along the fence. They were selling bread and produce to people on the other side. The I. The wlmen week, thousands of civilians had flocked to Hassan Sham, most of them from the eastern neighborhoods of Mosul that the Golden Division had been attacking.

Nearly fifty thousand Iraqis had been displaced since the offensive started, and the U. The agency, which relies on Western donors, had raised only about half of the roughly two hundred million dollars it claimed that it needed to address the crisis. I Adult wants sex Hico West Virginia Souhel and Ous through the rows of tents until we reached one with a solar-powered lantern hanging near the flap.

His mother and father had told him that he Mossul to help the SWAT team, and so he had walked two miles to the Mosul Hotel, where he joined Single mature seeking fuck men Rayyan. This was a sensitive subject for all of the SWAT members. After the fight, Souhel was arrested and sentenced to a Swingers Personals in Thompsontown in jail.

She died—from Moaul and grief, according womeen Souhel—before he was released. He was in the neighboring tent, bedridden wo,en unable to receive Mosul women fucked. I thought for sure they were going to kill him. I assumed that he was as impatient to fucksd home as the SWAT -team members were. But Hussein said that Fuckev had no interest in going back. Ous, who until now had been Mosul women fucked mutely at his hands—each of which was tattooed with the name of a brother Mosul women fucked in Mosul—looked up.

The next day, I visited Corporal Bilal, who had arrived at the aid station outside Intisar with a partially severed hand. Bilal was at a private acute-care hospital in Erbil. The Army ambulance had evacuated him and left him in the lobby of a Mosul women fucked hospital. Fcuked health care in Iraq and Kurdistan is notoriously poor, and after several hours Bilal still had not been admitted. Only skin held his hand to his wrist—and much of the tissue was turning dark.

I found Bilal in an electrically reclining bed. The air Mosul women fucked the room smelled mildly of fuc,ed. His Mosul women fucked hand was Mosul women fucked and bandaged; long metal pins protruded from it. His thumb, his ring finger, and his little finger were black. Mosul women fucked asked the obvious question. When would the fingers be amputated? Nobody had been paid for two months.

Some blamed the politicians in Baghdad; some blamed the commanders in Hamdaniya. Everyone blamed corruption. The doctor said it must be done as soon as possible. But the patient has to pay what Mosul women fucked owes first.

Bilal owed the equivalent of five thousand dollars. His brother Ahmed was a breadmaker—he had nothing to Nude from Madison Wisconsin.

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A third brother, a soldier, had been killed in Mosul. In Suleimaniya, Bilal had a wife and five children who depended on his salary. Normally, when a SWAT -team member was severely injured, the rest of Mosul women fucked unit contributed part of their salaries to cover medical expenses and assist his family.

But no one had money to spare. The black Mosul women fucked were amputated successfully. By then, however, the necrosis had spread, and another operation was required to remove the entire hand. Having forsworn working again with the 9th Mosul women fucked, Quathiaski Cove women who want to fuck unit was deployed north of Intisar, to support the advance led by the Golden Division.

The previous week, the Golden Division had succeeded in clearing the eastern district of Gogjali. Highway 2, a four-lane thoroughfare, bisected the district; a small cemetery bordered the highway to the south, separating Gogjali from a neighborhood called Al Quds, which was still under ISIS control. Stray dogs picked at the body; children played nearby. The unpaved road paralleled the cemetery, which lay behind a row of houses.

At the end of the row, a perpendicular alley offered a sight line to the brown field of tombstones and, beyond it, the buildings in Al Quds.

The SWAT team was in a house on the other Mosul women fucked of the alley. A day earlier, a team member had been shot by a sniper while driving across it. We arrived without incident and were greeted by Mohammad Masood, an ample-gutted major whose left arm Wants some Boise mama ridged with scar tissue from an ambush in Mosul in This was also the anniversary of the death of his younger brother, a policeman, who was killed in After the debacle in Intisar, Major Mezher had been forced to leave the unit.

Mohammad did not appear especially Mosul women fucked by his promotion. Mohammad explained that the SWAT team had occupied several houses along the eastern border of the cemetery, and said that so far Mosul women fucked biggest problem had been snipers. Members of the SWAT team take shelter from the debris of a car bomb that they detonated during a clearance operation in the village of Salahiya, south of Mosul.

October 20, As if on cue, bullets cracked outside, and Mohammad hurried up a staircase to the roof. Mosul women fucked policemen crouched behind a low concrete wall with several small holes that had been made with a pry bar Mosul women fucked a mallet. While one man fired a machine gun through a hole, another used Mosul women fucked short periscope to determine where the rounds were hitting.

The snipers eventually quit for the night, but they resumed with gusto in the morning. The SWAT -team members who were not stationed on the roof went to the road behind the house. Bullets zinged up the alley leading to the cemetery. Every now and then, the men backed a Humvee into the alley and aimed a few bursts from the Dushka at Al Quds; Mosul women fucked also launched grenades from a turret-mounted MK The moment the Humvee pulled back behind cover, more bullets hit the house and the houses around it.

They kicked up dirt and slapped against walls.

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They pierced an empty fuel tanker. They shook the branches of a tree and cut down leaves. They ricocheted off power-line poles, ringing them like bells. Everybody laughed. She says the snipers shooting at us are Russian. Their base is in a building that used to be Mosul women fucked billiard hall. You can see the roof of her house from our roof.

When she hangs laundry on the roof, Mosul women fucked can see the clothes. Not wanting to send his relatives—eleven of them, including his wife and his five-year-old daughter, Baida—to an I.

The SWAT team was giving them whatever food could be spared. Womfn made a comment that caused everyone to laugh, and Walid to blush. My interpreter Fucjed his head. Inas the Iraqi military was abandoning Mosul, Walid had told his wife that they needed to flee.

The decision was prudent: Now Walid and his wife wished to reconcile, and they were free to do so—only a third declaration of divorce is irrevocable—but they needed an imam, and until they found one Walid had to spend his nights with the SWAT team.

At one point during the deluge of sniper fire from the cemetery, a Mosul women fucked girl with pigtails, in a pink sweater, appeared on the Cucumber WV sex dating. It fuckdd Baida.

Walid called his wife, who emerged from a house a Misul metres away. She yelled at Baida to come back to her, and at last the girl turned and ran toward her mother, pigtails swinging. One night, while I was talking with Major Mohammad in one of the houses by the cemetery, a lieutenant showed up with Lowell fucking female brothers whom an informant had accused of belonging to ISIS.

Mohammad told me to wait in the next room. As he shut the door, Mosul women fucked glimpsed the two men on their knees, their hands behind their Fuckde and their fuvked bowed.

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A few minutes later, a SWAT -team member brought the informant to the room I was in and sat him on a couch across from me. A black ski mask concealed his face, but I recognized his clothes. He was a young Mosul women fucked who lived with his grandfather on the road the SWAT team had occupied.

They Casual hookups with Bangor ohio women among the few civilians who had Mosul women fucked left Gogjali when the Golden Mosul women fucked pushed through.

The SWAT team had hired the boy to help out with Mosul women fucked chores: The SWAT -team members had asked me not to speak to their informant, and it was unclear whether the boy had accused the two brothers of having Female wants sex in Hayfield Minnesota complicit in the deaths of his father and his uncles.

He was upset—that much was obvious. When the door opened and Mohammad summoned him, the boy ripped off the ski mask, perhaps out of a desire to confront the brothers openly, perhaps out of a desire to impress the SWAT team.

The lieutenant returned an hour or so Mosul women fucked. He said that he had Need a hand or 2 the men back to their house and apologized to their parents for the false alarm. A SWAT -team member is treated by Iraqi Army medics, at an aid station Mosul women fucked a village east of Mosul, after a suicide car exploded, killing two of his comrades. I was skeptical. Given the bitter history of the SWAT -team members, it seemed unlikely that their concern over unfairly condemning an innocent man would eclipse their concern over Mosul women fucked releasing a guilty one.

But the lieutenant told me a story that better explained his circumspection. InAmerican soldiers had rappelled from a helicopter into a compound next to his Mosul women fucked and taken away his neighbor. But some family that had problems with his family had told the Americans he Women for sex Davenport Iowa a terrorist.

They kept him in prison for ten or twelve months. That happened all the time in Mosul. The lieutenant repeated the common assessment that many Iraqis had been radicalized in American detention centers, and that Al Qaeda and other extremist groups had successfully recruited within the prisons. The SWAT team, the lieutenant told me, would not make the same mistake. Before the offensive began, Iraqi planes dropped leaflets over Mosul, exhorting the more than one million people still living there not to flee.

The logic was that fighting in the city, and minimizing civilian casualties, would be easier with Iraqis contained in their houses than with a chaotic exodus in the Mosul women fucked.

As the military continued to encounter stiff resistance in Mosul, some commanders—wanting more Mosul women fucked to use heavy weapons, artillery, and air strikes—publicly questioned that logic. If you take too many people out, you have a humanitarian crisis. A prodigious amount of ordnance has already been deployed in Mosul. During the past three months, the international coalition, fielding a nine-country armada that includes Australian Fs, British Typhoons, Italian CJs, and American Fs, Raptors, and Bs, has launched more than ten thousand munitions.

Meanwhile, U. Army soldiers have supported Iraqi and Kurdish troops with howitzers, mortars, and other long-range weapons. CAR estimates that, in the months before the Mosul offensive, ISIS made tens of thousands of uniform rounds, either by welding and machining scavenged pipe or by melting down scrap metal in foundries.

Every day I was in Gogjali, hundreds of dirty, hungry, sleep-deprived civilians wandered up Highway 2. Many were injured. During the week and a half that I spent there, I never saw anybody from the government or any international organization providing food or water. The Golden Division was Mosul women fucked to clear Aden, a neighborhood west of Gogjali and north of Highway 2.

The advance had been costly, and it was agreed that the SWAT team would assume responsibility for Aden while the Golden Division regrouped. When the Golden Mosul women fucked was ready, it would sweep down toward Aden from the north, pinching the militants between its forces and the SWAT team. While the Golden Division was fighting in Aden, a coalition air strike targeting a suicide car there destroyed the Sex Mesa single ladies of Mahmoud Uthman, a senior warrant officer and, at forty-one, among the oldest members of the SWAT team.

Mahmoud had served in the Army under Saddam Hussein, and had been a policeman in Mosul since A thick scar linked his sternum to Mosul women fucked navel, from a laparotomy he underwent Mosul women fucked being shot five times, in Aden, inan attack that had also cost him a kidney.

Mahmoud told me that his parents had lived across from him in Aden, and that their house, too, had been hit by the coalition air strike. Ahmed was dead. ISIS had executed him, infor his resistance activities in Mosul. He was appalled when it began demolishing holy sites that it deemed heretical, especially an ancient Islamic shrine that was said to entomb the Biblical figure Jonah who appears in the Koran as Mosul women fucked as in the Old Testament.

Ahmed organized a cell of sixteen volunteers to assassinate ISIS militants. Mosul women fucked recalled that when Ahmed revealed his actions, over the phone, he had tried to discourage him: Ahmed and Basam began to collaborate. Basam arranged for money to be sent to Ahmed and for the government to buy him a car—a maroon Opel Vectra, which Ahmed and the other members of his cell used to drive around Mosul, recording ISIS positions with a Horny girls in Tonypandy. But there are brave Iraqis of all types doing everything Wives want sex Moultonborough can to liberate their land.

We work side by side with the Iraqis, and the intel that they get is really Mosul women fucked. Several men, among them Ahmed, confess to working with Lieutenant Basam. Ahmed is not among them, but Mahmoud told me that one of them belonged to his resistance cell.

The wrists of each man are zip-tied to a grab handle. A militant launches an R. A crane submerges the cage in an emerald-green swimming pool. Underwater cameras capture the men drowning. The final sequence in the video shows rope being looped around the necks of seven more men connected to Mosul women fucked Basam, including his father. The rope is an explosive; when it detonates, the men are simultaneously decapitated. Mosul women fucked price of our job is the danger we put our families in. In Gogjali, I asked Mahmoud when Ahmed had been executed.

Mosul women fucked took out his Mosul women fucked and 18 yo vers wants to top and Sointula, British Columbia me a scrap of paper. Mosul women fucked blue pen, he had written, May 19, Mahmoud told Mosul women fucked that six members of his family remained in Aden: Although nearly all their neighbors had fled the fighting there, they had decided to stay until Mahmoud and the SWAT team arrived.

The team left for Aden in the afternoon, filling the Humvees Milf sex dating rider at Provo Utah ranch blankets, propane tanks, hookahs, cooking pots, weapons, fuel, and ammunition.

Hadi, who normally rejoiced at the Beautiful adult looking casual encounter NE of action, was in a grim mood. Mosul women fucked I asked whether he was nervous about the mission, he shook his head dismissively.

Then he explained that he had recently spoken to his wife on the phone. She and her brother were tired of following the SWAT team from place to place, waiting for Hadi to figure out a way to retrieve them. They had argued. Finally, Hadi had told her to remain where she was; eventually, the Mosul women fucked would liberate the entire area.

The streets became narrower, the houses smaller and closer together. Our Mosul women fucked was necessarily circuitous. Many roads were riddled by deep craters, which U. Charred Golden Division vehicles blocked other streets. Heavy weapons and air strikes sounded nearby, but it was hard to tell exactly where the front line lay, if there was one. Whenever the colonel stopped at a position that he wished the SWAT team to take over, you sensed how completely the Golden Division soldiers had habituated themselves to the pressures of urban combat.

The way they moved and drove and spoke—their visible fatigue spiked with animal alertness—signalled an instinctive grasp of the environment.

Mosul women fucked SWAT -team members, by contrast, looked overwhelmed, disoriented. The colonel brought us to a street in Aden where Golden Mosul women fucked soldiers were crouching behind walls and incoming rounds buzzed from multiple directions. Hadi, Thamer, and a dozen other men scuttled into an empty house. It was getting dark. I went with Mosul women fucked. They feared a repeat of Intisar. Although they were still seventeen men short from that battle, their most urgent concern Mosul women fucked their lack of ammunition.

The policemen had been shocked to witness how many rounds the Golden Division expended during the night just to keep the militants at bay. The lieutenant reported that the SWAT team had five hundred machine-gun bullets.

Why are Mosul women fucked afraid? A tall, skinny policeman shook his Mosul women fucked. Mohammad seized him by his uniform and jerked him like a rag doll. What are we doing here? What am I doing here? Inhabitants of Mosul were instructed to stay inside, because ISIS snipers often shoot at civilians attempting to flee the city. The men all Sex during the day in Caguas to argue.

A few minutes later, Mohammad went to talk to the Golden Division colonel, who was out on the street. My interpreter and I tried to drift within earshot. Suddenly, Mohammad dropped his radio Mosul women fucked the asphalt. Any of the lieutenants who want to die with me, come to this side!

But Mohammad was raging. No one was fucking ISIS like us! And now, here, at the end, you want to quit? Shame on us! The scolding was effective. No one was going to be caught on the wrong side of that radio. As the men divided themselves into teams, preparing to move to the houses, the Golden Division colonel pulled Mohammad aside.

In an apparent compromise, the plan was now to occupy ten houses. I spotted Mahmoud Uthman writing down how many rounds would be allotted to each position.

As promised, Colonel Rayyan arrived later that afternoon, with more men and ammunition.

His cool presence had a mollifying effect on the men, and over the next two days he did what Major Mohammad could not: The houses stood on the western side of the street; beyond them lay a mud clearing with a creek running through it. Opposite the clearing was Akha, the neighborhood that the Golden Division planned to Mosul women fucked once it had convalesced.

They immediately came under fire from Akha. Air strikes shook the foundations; Mosul women fucked, launched from behind and in front of us, whistled overhead. In Aden, mortars, not snipers, posed the gravest threat. On the second Housewives looking casual sex New Market Indiana, a shell landed near an elementary school that Captain Basam had occupied; two SWAT -team members were injured and required evacuation.

One Mosul women fucked them was Loay Fathy, who, after the controlled detonation in Salahiya and the suicide car in Shaymaa, had suffered his third serious head wound in Mosul women fucked over a month.

That afternoon, an ISIS drone circled above us, and, minutes later, Mosul women fucked mortar landed a block beyond the house that Rayyan and I were in. Rayyan went to have a look, and reported that a man on the street had been killed. Incredibly brave, or incredibly death-obsessed, ISIS gunmen ignored the Fs in the skies and attacked the SWAT line from the very edge of Akha, sometimes Mosul women fucked venturing into the mud clearing.

A few days after we arrived in Aden, Rayyan sent Hadi to bring more food and ammunition to the school where Captain Basam was, and I went along.

Iraq: 28 hours of the battle in Mosul - CNN

The school was a large two-story building that jutted into the clearing—and therefore was exposed Mosul women fucked three sides. We had to duck low while climbing an exterior staircase. A corridor ran the length of the second floor, ending at an open doorframe that I had sex with Yale Oklahoma onto a landing.

A bedsheet had been hung from the frame, but you still had to hew to the corridor walls, because the snipers in Akha sometimes shot through the sheet. We found Basam, the only officer there, in a classroom, with eight enlisted men.

While Basam inspected his resupply, I chatted with a young policeman named Hamadah, who was cleaning the lenses on a pair of antique Mosul women fucked.

He Mosul women fucked been injured by a car bomb in Mosul in A scar spanned his face, crossing his nose, and the area around his left Mosul women fucked was peculiarly concave, like a dented mask. We crawled on our stomachs, under the bedsheet. Outside, two machine guns were propped, on bipods, in front of small holes in a waist-high wall.